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Inflatables for parents and children

If you are keen on speed, then at any chance you should try inflatables in Corfu. Just a ride with the inflatables is enough to offer you the adrenaline of the uttermost acceleration. Experience exciting springs on the waves and as a result unforgettable summer vacation. Offer your children a gift of activity and entertainment and their laughter will “pay you back”. Youngs can invite their friends to a water adventure, where everyone will be completely excited.

Entertainment is guaranteed!

Kavos Ski Club disposes all kinds of inflatables for multiple options. Single, double, triple and sixfold falcons, airstream, crazyufo and the 8sitted banana offer laughter and the entertainment is guaranteed! Inflatables in Corfu constitute an ideal choice for every age.

No anxiety, only fun

Most of them provide you with safety and security, since every cautious parent would request. On the contrary, there are inflatables which raise adrenaline extremely high. These inflatables fulfil every desire of those who love extreme sports. However, there is no reason to be anxious, since our boats are completely safe and modern. Number of people: From 2 up to 8 people can try it together.

Start: June 1, 2019 Finish: September 30, 2019

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