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Are you sure that you have tried everything?

Our beloved fly fish pledges to offer a new, exciting experience in the world of water sports. A completely ground-breaking fun method has been introduced by practicing one of the most reputable water sports, both in Greece, and abroad, mainly in the exotic regions. That is why Kavos Ski Club has provided you with this possibility combined with your summer holidays on the beautiful island of Corfu. Do not hesitate to visit us and, therefore, enrich your summer memories with a further incomparable experience.

What is fly fish precisely?

The reason, why it has begun to obtain more and more admirers all over the world, constitutes the same reason, why fly fish distinguishes from the rest of the water sports. Like other inflatables, fly fish continuously bounds. The only exception comes when it takes off and moves totally away from the water surface. This obviously depends on the winds, which can raise the inflatable up to the sky. To be concrete, you are lying upon the inflatable and hold yourself from the special grabber, so as any chance of falling can be avoided. Both with its speed and during the taking off, an extremely large quantity of adrenaline comes about. Nevertheless, the biggest satisfaction emerges from the fact, that you have accomplished it without falling into the water!

Always safe and sound!

It is true, that the particular water sport demands quite self-confidence and mainly belief in the individual abilities. Nevertheless, there is no requirement for previous experience and practice. For your own safety, we provide you with a precise as well as intact equipment for the purpose of sending away all kinds of worries. Our boats are totally renovated and guarantee your safety and security.

Number of participants: up to 6 people

Start: June 1, 2019 Finish: September 30, 2019




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