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Are you sure that you have tried everything?

Practice a new aquatic activity such as flyfish. It is a huge buoy, of specific shape, towed on the water, which lifts up in the wind at the speed you desire. Practiced by everyone, even the youngest, you will enjoy a moment of high aerobatics. Speed is adapted to your desires, and a qualified team ensures your safety for an incident free experience.

What is fly fish precisely?

This is a unique challenge that gets your adrenaline shooting to its highest peak.If you really are an “extreme person” and you like to take risks, you should definitely try a “Fly Fish” experience…
Its name alerts you for the total speed experience that you are going to have when the ride starts. There will only be just a few moments that you will be on the water. The challenge is that only a few people have made it to stay on the Fly Fish for a long time in the right position..The contact with the water happens in the most spectacular way.
Number of participants: up to 6 people

Start: June 1, 2019 Finish: September 30, 2019




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